Lumen Conservation Style Rooflights

Our range of Conservation style rooflights replicate a traditional Victorian design with a low profile design and flush fitting frame, twin American Ash linings, internal glazing and blinds.

Lumen Planus Accoya for Flat Roofs

Our Lumen Planus range is designed for use on a flat or low pitch roof construction including lead, zinc sheet, copper and asphaltic material. Available in a range of styles, these rooflights can be made with fixed or opening casements.

Rooflights to your individual requirements, size, shape, colour, glass specification or operation for both flat and pitched roofs.

Beautifully designed rooflights made to your individual requirements, size, shape, colour, glass specification or operation for both flat and pitched roofs.

Contemporary appearance the EVO is manufactured with American ash internal linings, designed for a pitched roof.

The Lumen EVO offers a stylish and streamlined roof window for customers requiring a more modern look for their roof glazing. The design remains low profile and unobtrusive whilst offering a high specification of energy efficient, self clean glazing.

Access & escape for our pitched and flat rooflights, electric smoke ventilation systems and gas strut assisted opening.

Access and escape for our pitched and flat rooflights, electric smoke ventilation systems and gas strut assisted opening.

Enhance your rooflights with a range of manual or electric opening options, lead flashing kits and blinds.

Enhance your rooflights with a range of manual or electric opening options, lead flashing kits and blinds.

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Lumen Heritage Rooflights

The Lumen Heritage rooflight has developed from our highly successful Lumen Conservation rooflight which in turn was a faithful replica of the traditional Victorian cast iron skylight used in many Listed buildings throughout the country.

The Lumen Heritage rooflight retains the low profile steel framed design, the BioClean Natura self-clean double glazing and is still hand-crafted from our purpose built facilities in Devon, using the highest quality components and skilled workmanship. The main differences between our Heritage version and our original Conservation rooflight is that the Lumen Heritage rooflight offers twin American ash liners on both the casement and the outer frame and the Lumen Heritage range is internally glazed, which further boosts the security performance of the rooflight.

One of the drawbacks of the original Conservation rooflight design was that under certain conditions the exposed internal steel parts of the rooflight were susceptible to condensation. The Lumen Heritage range incorporates a hand crafted American ash lining in the casement as well as a sculpted timber glazing bar which removes the potential for condensation to form on parts that were originally steel. The Lumen Heritage rooflight has a centre pane u-value of 1.0 W/m2K and a whole frame u-value of 1.6 W/m2K.

The Heritage rooflight is available as a fixed casement, manual operation with brass or chrome screwjack mechanism or with a range of electric actuation and accessories. A range of manual and electric blinds are also available.

This premium flush fitting Conservation rooflight is ideal for installation in any project but especially period properties, Listed buildings, barn conversions or areas where flush fitting glazing is required. In addition to the range of stock sizes we can produce sizes and specifications to make your rooflight as unique as your project.

Lumen Original Conservation Rooflight
Although no longer a stock product our original range of Lumen Conservation rooflights can still be purchased on a 5 week delivery time for customers wishing to match previous orders. Sizes and prices for the original Lumen Conservation rooflight can be viewed here.

Heritage Benefits

  • Internally glazed for added security
  • Fully internally lined with American ash to reduce risk of cold bridging
  • High specification of Pilkington glazing including self-clean BioClean Natura, Planitherm One and 90% fill argon gas
  • High quality rubber seals and expanded neoprene ensure the rooflight exceeds the exacting standards of BS EN 14351-1:2006 +A1:2010 for weather/air permeability performance
  • Flush fitting, low profile design
  • Available in both stock and bespoke sizes
  • Designed, manufactured & hand finished in Devon, England
  • British manufactured manual winding gear in brass or chrome finish
  • Purpose made lead flashing kits available to suit your roof type
  • MNA05F black textured (MNA03E) powder coat finish for C3 urban/industrial environment as standard. Coastal applications available upon request
  • Stainless steel hinges and bolts as standard
Heritage Rooflights and Skylight WindowsHeritage Rooflights and Skylight Windows

Heritage Size Chart

Original and most authentic?

Why the original and most authentic conservation rooflight, might not actually be the best…….

We have been supplying our Lumen conservation rooflight for well over a decade. During that time we have changed and upgraded almost every aspect of the design from the steelwork and powder coating through to the liners and glazing specification.

Our aim has always been to provide the best looking and best performing conservation rooflight on the market.

As regulations and building techniques have changed, the humble conservation rooflight design has struggled to keep pace. Whilst undoubtedly offering the best flushing fitting appearance the Victorian design has not offered the best thermal performance and it is well understood that metal rooflights require a bit more care and ventilation to avoid condensation.

Whilst some have attempted to overcome this issue by including a plastic condensation catching tray on the inside, Lumen has always favoured a more natural approach and used the insulating properties of timber.

Even with a timber liner fitted to the outer frame, the original conservation rooflight design, with its genuine glazing bars, still had big hurdles to overcome thermal bridging and the cold metal of the casement. As winter approaches and the temperatures start to drop, warm moist air rises and sheds water when it reaches a cold material such as the steel frame of a rooflight.

Design, prototypes and testing

For years we have strived to keep the design the same and retain the genuine glazing bars but with the ever increasing demand for better thermal performance we felt the time was right to make changes. With more and more Velux conservation rooflights finding their way into traditional properites, we could see that the performance of traditional rooflights was becoming ever more important than the appearance.

Whilst other manufacturers were trying to make modern rooflights more like traditional conservation rooflights, we found ourselves in the position of making the original flush fitting Victorian design more efficient. After months of design, many prototypes and a great deal of testing, we now have a conservation rooflight that not only looks good but performs exceptionally.

Our Devon factory

The Lumen Heritage range is handmade in our Devon factory and combines both our metalwork and carpentry skills. The casement now includes its own timber lining with a solid wood, sculpted glazing bar on the inside.

The glazing is now a single unit of high performing, self-clean glass and an external steel glazing bar, matching the casement framing, is fitted to add that traditional appearance. All external parts are powder coated in a texture matt black finish.

21st Century performance

The internal viewable parts of the rooflight are now entirely American ash providing a neat, warm finish to the rooflight. The Lumen Heritage is now internally glazed to provide greater security and the casement is secured using our UK manufactured brass or chrome winding mechanisms.

The low profile design sits flush with your roofline and we can offer purpose made lead flashing kits to suit your tile or slate sizes.

The Lumen Heritage is available in a range of stock sizes and we can offer bespoke sizes if required.

It was a big decision for us to change a design that for so long championed the true appearance of the original Victorian conservation rooflight. Like any progressive company we understand that things change and that you cannot blindly stand behind a product based on appearance alone. Our customers deserve 21st Century performance regardless of the age of their property and tackling the issues associated with steel framed windows was going to require more effort than simply changing the frame to GRP or bolting plastic to it.

It has taken a considerable amount of both time and effort but our Lumen Heritage design is the only flush fitting conservation rooflight that manages to provide an original metal frame appearance with the thermal benefits of real wood.

Ultimately we are giving our customers a choice of conservation rooflight design. As all our rooflights are made to order, you have the choice of product design, colour, glazing specification and even timber choice. Whilst the Heritage is now our standard design of conservation rooflight range, we can still manufacture our original Lumen conservation rooflight design if you would prefer. Please speak to one of our team if you have any questions.

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