The Oldest Wild British Barn Owl


The Bisham Barn Owl Group, set up in 2014 to study Barn Owls in South Buckinghamshire and East Berkshire have made an amazing discovery – Britain’s oldest wild Barn Owl!

Barn Owl Longevity

Knowing how long birds live is one of the many questions answered by our national bird ringing scheme run by the British Trust for Ornithology. Ring a chick and if it’s found (usually when it dies) you can find out how long it lived. Repeat this year after year and you’ll build a picture of the species life expectancy, mortality causes, and a whole host of other interesting information.

For British Barn Owls we’ve learned that the average life expectancy, above 5 weeks old, is only about 18 months. Those that survive more than 12 months typically go on to live until their fourth year.


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