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Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 11:30

Lumen rooflight do it in the UK

It is interesting just how many companies are keen to tell you that elements of their products are made in the UK. Some will tell you that their products are made in their own factory yet omit to tell you that said factory is half way across the world.

Here at Lumen, we believe that if you feel UK manufacturing is important and want to give the impression that you are supporting it, then you need to be doing it properly. That is why every single Lumen rooflight is not only manufactured here but is also designed and hand assembled here. Even our manual screwjack mechanisms are manufactured in the South West of England. By ensuring that our entire product is started and finished in Great Britain we also support a wide range of other UK businesses and help to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our products are also tested in the UK so you can be sure that they meet the required standards and have not just been tested abroad to something like the required standard.

There is no doubt that setting up a factory in Poland or having the winders produced in India, will reduce costs but if we are only interested in the bottom line then we are not being true to our beliefs. I am sure if you asked our competitors why they design, manufacture or assemble abroad it would be about price first and foremost, and whilst we understand this, it is not the direction we want to take. At Lumen we aim to support other UK businesses and particularly the local community. We want to provide UK jobs and develop and train our staff for the future. We are committed to our Wild @ Home project which aims to increase awareness and support to UK wildlife and every single rooflight that you buy from us will go some way to support all of these things.

Having your Lumen rooflight designed, manufactured and assembled in Great Britain also ensures that we can oversee each stage to ensure consistent quality.

Rooflight Components

We can't do everything at home and there are occasionally international influences in our products; the most obvious is the American ash we use in our liners. The reason we use American ash is that it is a more sustainable product than many other timbers. Our American ash is obtained from a sustainable source and our timber merchant is audited and meets the requirements of standard PEFC ST chain of custody certification. Our decision to use American as interior linings in our rooflights is not about cost, as there are plenty of cheaper alternatives such as pine and mdf, that we could use. We use American ash because we believe it provides the best appearance and performance for our rooflights.

We will also use German actuators for any electrically operated rooflights. These are an expensive option but once again our decision to use them is based on providing the best product for our rooflights.

When it comes to choosing your rooflight, most products will offer evenly matched performance and even the designs can appear similar. So perhaps looking behind the product at the people that are making it for you, will give you a better indication of what you are getting and just how much your purchase can make a difference.

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