The importance of checking your delivery


Monday, December 11, 2017 - 10:00

Our rooflights are delivered nationally by a number of third party carriers and these all operate to the RHA terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can be viewed on our site here; and these state that once a delivery document is signed, without any notes or comments, the goods are deemed to be 'received in good condition' and the transport insurance ends. This means that if you sign for the goods and do not check the condition of the product or note any shortages, there can be no claim for repair and replacements. Whilst this may seem rather harsh, we have no option but to comply with these rules. You are allowed a reasonable amount of time to check your delivery and the driver must wait whilst you do so. If your driver does not allow you this time, please call our office on 0330 300 1090.

Most rooflights are heavy and this is almost always the case with bespoke rooflights. Our standard delivery service is via a national pallet carrier and we would usually expect your delivery to arrive on a 7.5t vehicle with a tail lift facility. This can not always be guaranteed, particularly when access is tight or restricted in some way. Bespoke rooflight deliveries are quite often dispatched on flatbed dedicated vehicles so only your rooflights will be on the vehicle. It is essential that you have the appropriate labour or equipment on site to manage the delivery. If you have any special requirements such as a hi-ab crane, please let us know when you order and we can look into options and pricing for specialist delivery vehicles.

When you order your Lumen rooflight you will be sent a guarantee pack which includes a variety of information, including a reminder about the importance of planning your delivery and checking the goods when they arrive. Your pallet will also contain a final notice reminding you to check your delivery.

We expect all our deliveries to arrive in the condition that they left our factory but occasionally things can go wrong. Spending a few minutes checking over the rooflight on arrival can save a lot of hassle and frustration later because unfortunately without the insurance, we cannot replace or repair items that have been signed for as received in good condition.

It is a very simple process yet it is regularly overlooked....... Having waited for your rooflight to arrive on site you quickly unload the vehicle scribble a signature on the delivery paperwork and watch your builder whisk it up onto the roof for fitting; but did you check the delivery before signing?

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