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Friday, January 12, 2018 - 15:45

Bespoke your way

If you have been unsuccessfully searching the web trying to find something to fit your project, you might be surprised to know that a bespoke rooflight from Lumen could provide the solution you have been looking for.

Our slender steel framed profiles can be altered and adapted to provide a variety of bespoke rooflight glazing options. Whether you are looking for a particular size, shape, colour or type of glazing, Lumen bespoke rooflights can help.

When choosing a bespoke Lumen rooflight you will need to consider a number of options that will ultimately provide your project with a bespoke rooflight that is unique to your roof. Firstly you will need to decide on the size of your bespoke skylight and whether you would like it as a single rooflight or a series of linked frames. Lumen bespoke rooflights have been previously manufactured over 3500mm wide so you might be surprised to find out just how big a single rooflight can be.

Shape your rooflight

If you require a bespoke shape we can also produce triangular, round, oval and conical rooflights. The standard frame material is 3mm mild steel but we can also offer a 316 stainless steel if your rooflights are located in close proximity to the sea, salt water estuary or in a heavy industrial area. We powder coat our rooflights to RAL colours and once again this can be done to a C3 level for urban locations with low pollution or C4 for coastal or heavy pollution areas. Your powder coating protects the metalwork below and does require regular cleaning to maintain the lifespan. If you are unable to adhere to the regular cleaning of your rooflights, we would also advise using the 316 stainless steel option to increase the lifespan of the rooflights.

When you choose a Lumen bespoke rooflight you have the option of changing the glazing to suit your requirements. Whilst all Lumen conservation, bespoke, EVO and Planus rooflights are supplied with self-cleaning glass as standard, your bespoke rooflight will have the choice of increased sound proofing, obscure or even using a self-clean option with a blue tint. Our standard Lumen rooflight glazing is based around thermal performance so if you do not specify a particular glazing in your bespoke rooflight, you can still be assured of excellent thermal performance and of course, self-clean.

Rooflight Finish

When considering the internal finish of your bespoke rooflight, it is worth noting that our interior liners are American ash as standard. If you wish to change this we can also offer a variety of other real wood finishes including Oak and Walnut. A full list of timber options for Lumen bespoke rooflights can be viewed in our brochure.

Finally, you will have the option to have your bespoke rooflight as a fixed or opening design. Fixed bespoke rooflights are usually more cost effective as normally bespoke designs are large and require electric actuation. If your bespoke rooflight requires electric actuators, we offer a range of German manufactured products that are either cill mounted chain drives or side mounted rack & pinion drives. To find out more details contact us here

If you are interested in receiving a quotation for any bespoke rooflight designs, we would be happy to provide a no obligation quotation. As all our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Great Britain, you can be assured that the quality of our bespoke rooflights is unrivalled and will enhance any project.

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