We have been supplying our Lumen conservation rooflight for well over a decade. During that time we have changed and upgraded almost every aspect of the design from the steelwork and powder coating through to the liners and glazing specification.

"I am sure that I feel the same way as many other listed property owners; - that we are truly fortunate to be custodians of such wonderful historic buildings"
Mrs Taylor, Listed Property Owner, Wiltshire.

If you have been unsuccessfully searching the web trying to find something to fit your project, you might be surprised to know that a bespoke rooflight from Lumen could provide the solution you have been looking for. Our slender steel framed profiles can be altered and adapted to provide a variety of bespoke rooflight glazing options. Whether you are looking for a particular size, shape, colour or type of glazing, Lumen bespoke rooflights...

It’s no great surprise that people are attracted to natural light and that most of us feel better when the sun comes out. However, beyond the “feel good” factor there are many tangible benefits to increasing the amount of natural daylighting entering a building. This is particularly true of schools or places of learning as the use of natural light has significant advantages for both students and teachers.

It is interesting just how many companies are keen to tell you that elements of their products are made in the UK. Some will tell you that their products are made in their own factory yet omit to tell you that said factory is half way across the world. When it comes to choosing your rooflight, most products will offer evenly matched performance and even the designs can appear similar. So perhaps looking behind the product at the people that...

With property prices still sky high and land hard to come by, we are now utilising every redundant space in our houses to increase living areas. Also, we have quickly recognised the value in the renovation of redundant churches, farm buildings and service buildings into residential or office quarters.

Why checking your delivery can save both time and money.

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