Delivery Documents

Delivery Documents

Lumen Rooflight Terms & Conditions

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RHA Terms & Conditions

Lumen Rooflight Information

Lumen Rooflight Information

lumen Rooflight Conversion Price Chart

Lumen Planus Standard Sizes

Rooflight Maintenance

Conservation Rooflight to Slate Detail

Lumen Rooflights Brochure 2017

Lumen Rooflights Brochure 2013

Lumen Rooflight Guarantee

Electric Openers/Winders

Electric Openers/Winders

VCD 203

VCD 204


Nekos Opener

Conservation Rooflight AOV

Pilkington rooflight Glass

Pilkington rooflight Glass

Pilkington ACTIV Benefits

Pilkington ACTIV_Brochure

Pilkington Technical

TB Safety 2015

Flat Roof

Flat Roof

Rooflight Drawing With Opening Casement

Small Fixed Skylight Casement

Lumen Planus Flat Roofs Assembly

Planus site assembly instructions.

Client Drawing

Bespoke Rooflight

Bespoke Rooflight

Lumen Rooflight Bespoke

Bespoke Lumen Rooflight

Bespoke Skylight With Fixed And Opening

Large Fixed Roof Light

Lumen Bespoke Sky Light

Lumen Fixed Shut Bespoke

Rooflight Double Opening With Struts

Special Sized Skylight With electric Mechanism

Bespoke Lumen Planus Flat Skylight With Gas Struts

Fixed Bespke Lumen Rooflight With Adapted Oak Liner

Large Bespoke Lumen Rooflight With Fixed Casement

Lumen Conservation Rooflight Smoke Vent For Pitch Roof

Lumen Multi Casement Bespoke With Electric Actuator

Evo Rooflight

Evo Rooflight




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