LR05/A (Access) 798 x 979

List price: £1,108.00


If you wish to use your Lumen Conservation rooflight for regular assisted access, we can supply struts with a reduced capacity to assist with the opening and closing of the roof light casement. The access rooflights are made to order and are supplied on a minimum delivery time of 6 weeks.
The access and escape rooflights are supplied with variable gas struts that require adjustment on site at the point of installation. The strut manufacturer recommends variable struts for this type of application as the pitch of the roof and the required initial lifting weight will vary between each project. Adjusting the force of the struts is easy and done by releasing gas via a small valve at the top of the strut. The struts are supplied fully charged and you should release gas on each strut in equal time increments until you are happy with them. An instruction and key are provided but should you have any questions, please contact our team on 0330 300 1090.


Using a lower rated strut will render the rooflight unacceptable for escape purpose and the item must not be used as such.

The LR5, LR6, LR7 & LR10 conservation access rooflights are manufactured to order and delivery is around 5-6 weeks from order..

In order for the gas struts to operate your Lumen escape conservation rooflight, you will need to pull the quick release pin on the manual winding mechanism. It is therefore essential that the winder is maintained on a regular basis and that the pin moves easily. Failure to do this may result on the pin sticking and the casement will not open fully.


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